Alcester Contras
Contact the organiser, Meg on 01789 766701

Alcester Contras

A series of folk dances in the American style

Alcester Contras are organized by Meg, an enthusiast of folk dancing and a nationally known folk dance musician. The dances are non profit making with all proceeds used to pay the hire of hall, band and caller. 
 The charge is £8.00 for advance booking (ring Meg on 01789 766701) or £10 on the door. Students £3.50.


Dates of Alcester Contras

All dances are on Fridays 8.00 - 11.00pm

 Date Band  Caller  Venue 
 Friday 18th September 2015  Wild Ride Geoff Cubitt  St Benedict's School  
Friday 9th October 2015   Vertical Expression  Brooke Friendly (USA)  St Benedict's School  
Friday 6th November 2015   English Contra Dance Band Mary Devlin (USA)  St Benedict's School  
Fri 15th January 2016  Vertical Expression  Jake Wood  St Benedict's School   
Fri 12th February 2016  Contra-alt-delete  Frances Richardson  St Benedict's School   
 Fri 18th March 2016 King Kontra  Lynne Render  St Benedict's School   
Fri 8th April 2016  Steamchicken  Andrew Swaine   St Benedict's School  
 Fri 20th May 2016  Minor Contravention Cis Hinkle (USA)   St Benedict's School  
 Fri 10th June 2016 Meg'n'mor  Geoff Cubit   St Benedict's School  
 Fri 8th July 2016 Portland Drive  Graham Knight   St Benedict's School  
 Fri 30th September 2016 George Wilson and Bruce Rosen (USA)   Sue Rosen  St Benedict's School  
Fri 14th October 2016  The Night Before  Lisa Heywood  St Benedict's School  
Fri 18th November 2016  ECDB  Jeremy Child  St Benedict's School   

About Alcester Contras

The venue for Alcester Contras
 is normally St. Benedict's School. The venue is not normally confirmed by the school until 2 or 3 months before the event, so check on the website or with Meg on 01789 766701 before  travelling.

Alcester is in Warwickshire and lies on the A46 between Stratford upon Avon and Evesham and is easily approached using this road from the M40 (J15), Coventry area, and from the southwest by leaving the M5 at J9. From Birmingham and the M42 (J3) use the A435.
St. Benedict's School is about quarter of a mile NE of the church, opposite the previous venue of the Greig Hall which is no longer available. From the main street (High Street) go past the church and town hall (partially obstructing the road), cross the river at Gunnings Bridge and immediately turn right into the school car park.  The address is St Benedict's Catholic High School, Kinwarton Road, Alcester, Warwickshire B49 6PX.

You are invited to bring a plate of refreshments to share 
during the interval. These could be a few sausage rolls, jam tarts or a bunch of grapes etc., but only bring the amount you can eat. 
Using paper plates makes it easier to dispose of at the end (you may forget to collect a real plate). Just pop your food into the kitchen when you arrive so the volunteers can present it arranged on tables at the interval.

Newcomers to Contradancing

Newcomers to contra dancing are welcomed and are vital to the contradance movement. Dancing is done with a partner in company with many other couples to form longways sets.

 This can be quite daunting due to the fear of mucking it up for the other dancers. The thing to remember is everyone else has been in this situation and will be sympathetic; we are only there to have fun and people will be helpful. There is a lot of repetition with the dance turns lasting about 30 seconds, there being between 10 and 20 turns to the complete dance. You will very soon remember the simple moves required.

 All dances are walked through beforehand and the caller will prompt you as required throughout the dance.

 If you are new and inexperienced try to arrive at the beginning and mention to Meg that you are new and nervous and she will ensure the caller is aware of your concern so he can keep his eye on you. It's best to get up near the band end if you can to make it easier for the caller.

 If you have done a bit of barn dancing you will already know some terms like forward and back and swing. There are a couple of weekly folk dance clubs in the area where you would be most welcome and which would give you a softer start. The Stratford group meets on Mondays and the Alcester group on Wednesdays. For more details ring Meg on 01789 766701.

Meg, the organiser